What is the true video description limit for Ads API Tweets?



There seems to be conflicting information about the true video description limit of Tweets. The documentation says:

The description for the video. Maximum length: 160 characters.

However, when we did an initial test, we got a reply that said that the expected number of characters was 255 (we put more than 300 to test the request).

Finally, we found the the Media Studio UI limits the description to 200 characters.

Which limit should we use when dealing with the API programmatically?


Thanks for the question, @pawelpredki. You are right. The limit for the video description length on Tweet create is currently 160 and the limit through the Media Library is 200. We are working to increase the Tweet create value to 200, too. We’ll let you know when that change is deployed. Thanks for raising this.


Thanks for the reply @juanshishido. We’ll add this limit to our code and we’re waiting for the increase.


@pawelpredki: Thanks for raising this. We’ve updated the maximum number of video_description characters to 200 through the Ads API. See the example Tweet.