What is the straight way to share a preestablish tweet by App



I was quested to add a “share on twitter” function in App I currently develope. But I don’t have any experience in integrate social SDK.

ps. the actually need is Login twitter and share preestablish content on user’s twitter account.

I search on net several days and found pretty much solution to do so.
For example use social framework with Xcode, use framework write by other experienced programmer, some twitter api 1.0 method, REST API, Cards, Fabric.
And also found some tutorial link like

But because of language and less experience. I can’t actually distinguish which one is old mechanism, which is possibly have security issue, which may have low compatibility.
And I also need to integrate this function on Android.

So I decide to follow the official way. But official API have many method describe look like satisfy my need.
I was confuse which method is just fit with what I want.(login and share, not else function)

After read some doc on official site. Now I know integrate Fabric iOS SDK and use the Authentication and call REST ability with it can reach the goal.
But is this a method with too many redundant process? or I am going on right way just fit my need.

If I am wrong. Could anyone give me some suggestion? Thank you.

ps. I am not a proficient objective-c user and also not proficient in english, but I will do my best trying.

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