What is the statuses/updates API rate limit?



We have built an app which, on request, analyses a user’s Twitter activity and then tweets them 1 of a selection of Video cards.

What is the rate limit for posting tweets via the Twitter API?
Is this split into 15 minute windows?
Is there best practice to follow to ensure we don’t get blocked/restricted?

Any help would be appreciated!



It varies, because there’s anti-spam stuff behind the rate limits. Generally https://support.twitter.com/articles/15364 2,400 per day - but broken down into smaller limits. Depending on what you’re tweeting you may also encounter Error 187 “Status is a duplicate”.

If it’s “1 of a selection” of video cards - why not avoid tweeting to each user entirely, and just show people 1 of a selection of generic tweets they can then RT or quote or something (assuming there’s some kind of a web page with results)?