What is the return order of GET statuses/retweeters/ids?



Would anyone be able to tell me what the return order is for GET statuses/retweeters/ids? i.e. will the oldest retweeters appear first in the list or last?

Will this method return more than 100 retweeter ids if I use the cursors?
Can I use the SINCE_ID parameter to restrict the data returned?



Anyone able to advise on this?


The return order should be most recently retweeted first – essentially the same order you would see using [node:9699]. Both methods return a maximum of 100 total results, regardless of cursoring or paging.


Ok, does this mean that there is no way to identify more than 100 retweeters?

What about the Search API, is it possible for this to contain more retweets?


Correct, you can’t identify them after the fact. However, if you’re using a streaming API and tracking the right things, you could collect them in real time as they happen instead.

The Search API is more about user-facing relevance and not a great tool for counting things as it doesn’t necessarily want to give you repetitive results.