What is the relationship between Account Activity API and Premium APIs?




I saw the page “Subscribe to your account activity”.
When I clicked “Apply for Account Activity API beta access” button, the next page “Interested in a developer account?” suggests that the application is for premium APIs.

Do I need to apply premium APIs to use Account Activity API?
The page “Pricing” shows that Standard (free) APIs includes Account Activity API.

They confuse me.


Hi @y_ich,
Apologies for the confusion. You will need to go through the developer application process for the Account Activity API beta, the same as you would for the Premium Search APIs.

Since this is still in Beta it’s not completely connected yet, but once you’re approved for a dev environment, you can use the Account Activity beta for your app with up to 35 users in the free sandbox version.



@happycamper san, Thank you for your answer!

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