What is the rate limit on POST request and POST blocks/create?




For the context: I’m developing a little webapp (with Tweetinvi) that will block several users added to a list.

While I was doing some tests, I temporarly locked a test account due to, I suppose, a certain limit reached. This account has even been disconnected from my app and couldn’t relog for a certain time. The documentation does give the different GET limits but I found nothing about POST requests.


  • What is the POST requests limit per 15 minutes and per day?
  • Same question but more specifically for POST blocks/create?
  • Is there an endpoint to reach that would give me these limits? Like GET /application/rate_limit_status but for POST Request.
  • Or do I have to track this manually? (pls no)


POST limits are tied to a number of actions allowed per account per day, and are not API rate limits (so they are not listed in application/rate_limit_status or in the X-Rate-Limit HTTP headers). The number of blocks per account is not documented, but you can see some of the other account limits in this support article. Aggressive automated use of the blocking API may indeed result in an account being flagged for suspicious activity, unfortunately. We’re not able to describe the specific limit that may be applied here.


Thanks for your fast answer!

I understand that this looks “agressive” for your API and my goal is not to be a malicious app, just to protect the users (myself too), against known problematic users and their problematic fanbase. Is there a known operations count per 15 min or day that will not seem as agressive? Like, if I do ~10 blocks per 15 minutes, is this okay?

I think I can set a job that will look on a dataset somewhere and process the remaining block every 15 minutes. But I really don’t want to see my app deleted or, worse, my main account (idk if this is even possible, but I don’t want to risk it lol)


Hi again!

I did some tests and it seems like that 15 requests by 15 minutes is acceptable. 20~30 requests may result in an temporary account lock.

Thanks for your help @andypiper! :blush: