What is the rate limit on lists/members/create_all?



On the documentation for the lists/members/create_all API call (on https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/post/lists/members/create_all) it says the call is rate limited but doesn’t say what that rate limit is. It would be helpful to know especially now that the max number of users on a list is 5k.

Could a Twitter rep provide what that rate limit is?




It’s technically not rate limited. However, like with all aspects of the API you have to use it with respect – I wouldn’t barrage it with parellel requests for example – keep things serial. Make sure you’re responding to any kinds of error conditions, especially 40X and 50X – and back off exponentially when they happen.

Eventually, I would expect this method to have a rate limit associated with it – not for the app/user combo necessarily, but more for the user itself – like most of our write allowances. So if you want to accomodate that, you could pre-emptively handle a 429 as well.