What is the optimum size for the image on a summary card with large image?


The key word is ‘optimum’. The information given by Twitter and repeated by dozens of blogs lists the minimum size. The optimum size is not given.

Not loading card image if > 1MB

We don’t restrict on resolution. It’s more a matter of image size, which is about 1MB.


Thanks for getting back to me but maybe I’m missing something. There’s no optimum size for display?

There are minimum dimensions for Twitter to trigger the display of an image – but what are the dimensions for an image to fill the space? The dimensions I’ve seen quoted are 280px x 150px; this may trigger an image to be displayed but it doesn’t fill the space.

Is it possible you’re quoting for mobile screens and haven’t given information for desktops?


I have found that 600x300 works best for both Twitter and Facebook. I needed to find something for my work where it was just 1 image instead of two and easy to remember numbers. If you want to do 2, then FB would be 600 x 315 (1.91:1 ratio) and Twitter would be 600 x 321 (1.867:1 ratio). FB max is 1200x630 but twitter only gives a max on the MB not the dimensions.


That worked for me!


Use 600 X 314 pixel as optimum size. I have tried all the above mentioned size, got minimal alignment issues.

And 600 X 314 works with facebook too.