What is the minimum audience size when using website visitors custom audience


I am trying to target specific page visitors using Tailored Audience by installing the pixel snippet.
Is there minimum number of visitors this page should get before I can target this audience?


@Alex_Flom: For any audience type:

An audience can only be targeted if it matches at least 500 users active within the past 30 days on Twitter owned and operated clients. Source

Hope this helps!



Since such audience is dynamcially changing this means it will only be avlaible for ads as it reach 500 visitors exactly?

How about dynamic ads currently in alpha? is there a limit there?
What I am trying to achive is to show different ads to different visitors based on the product they viewed.
For example if someone visited specific shirt, he will see an ad of this exact shirt.
Is there a way to do it without waiting for 500 to view this shirt?



Hey @Alex_Flom

Essentially, in order for any Tailored Audiences to be targetable, the audience needs to have at least 500 matched members (i.e., members in the Audience that have corresponding Twitter accounts). So, even if the Audience is resized, as long as it has at least 500 members within it, it will be targetable. The reasons for this are mainly privacy related, since we don’t want to give advertisers the ability to infer the specific users being targeted, and therefore there is no way around this limit.

When you talk about Dynamic Ads, are you referring to the single_web_event_tags and/or UWT ?




I am reffering to this:


The dynamic products ads endpoints referenced in that thread have been deprecated.