What is the Marketplace Settings Delay (or is it broken?)


How long do settings for the marketplace take? For instance I turned “Marketplace Off” and days later I am still seeing marketplace ads (I don’t have another adnetwork in this ad unit.).


Hi @mcorner,

Thanks for reaching out! You should see these changes take effect immediately. In order to ensure that your demand sources have been turned off, you will want to review your ad unit in the MoPub UI. Any demand sources targeted against it should have a yellow or grey circle next to them indicating that they are paused / inactive. If you see any green circles, this indicates an line item. If you see an active line item, you will want to click on the line item and pause it.

If you are still having trouble, the best and fastest way to get in touch with us is via our Support Team. The Support Team can be reached at support@mopub.com. Please make sure to include the email address associated with your account and your ad unit ID so the Support Team can help you sort this out as quickly as possible.