What is the limit on the number of keywords that can be tracked by one "POST statuses/filter" streaming api connection?



What’s the limit on the number of phrases that can be tracked via the “POST statuses/filter” streaming api, for one connection?

i.e. track = phrase1, phrase2, …, phraseN, what is maximum possible N?

Is it always the case that if I am within the limit (say N = 50, and I choose to track N=49 phrases), that the streaming api will capture all tweets, provided that I am below the 1% daily maximum?

Also, how many simultaneous connections can I make to the streaming api from 1 OAuth access token?

Can I use multiple OAuth tokens from the same IP address?




I guess the maximum number of phrases would be 400, assuming each phrase is exactly one word. Twitter imposes a byte-limit of 60 to each phrase and a word-limit of 400 to what you set your track parameter to.

If your potential results are under the 1% restriction, my experience is you will get almost everything. When I look at the results of both stream/filter and search/tweets simultaneously I see a small difference in the tweets that are returned.

I think you can make multiple simultaneous connections with the same oauth credentials or with different oauth credentials, but you are not supposed to. Usually, there is no reason to (though I can think of a couple); you would establish one stream that encompasses all the results you desire, and you would do your own processing of the stream to get your “multiple connections.”


Taylor, can you please confirm for us that the maximum number of WORDS (not phrases) is 400? I can’t find any official documentation on this limit.