What is the length of Twitter post or tweet?



Can you please help me to understand what should be the length of the ‘Tweet’- either i post through twitter or I post through source code using [Twiterizer.dll] or some other source.

I have following cases where what should be the length of tweet post

  1. If tweet does not contain any URL [contains only text]

  2. If tweet contains text + http://google.com [some http url link]

  3. If tweet contains text + https://google.com [some https url link]

  4. If tweet contains both text + http://google.com and https://google.com [any text but which is having both http and https] link

Awaiting your response.



Any update on it?


The length depends on the current maximum t.co length, which you can retrieve from the help/configuraiton method.

Currently it’s 22 characters for a HTTP URL and 23 for a HTTPS URL. So in your examples, everywhere you have put a HTTP URL, count 22 characters, and everywhere a HTTPS URL, count 23.

If a tweet has no URLs or URL-like constructs, you can use 140 characters. If a tweet has one HTTP URL, you can use 118 characters (don’t forget a space though…). If a tweet has one HTTPS URL, you can use 117 characters. If it has two URLs, one HTTP and the other HTTPS, then you’ll have 94 more characters to work with (I’m including an obligatory space character in that calculation).


Thanks Taylor for you reply. One more query regarding post.
does it make any change to tweet post length if it has special symbol like

® ,% etc…

i mean it consider a single character count or multiple count? let me know your view on it

Thanks !


Though they must be percent-encoded, they’ll count for a single character when calculating 140 characters.