What is the HTML that I can put on a web page to launch the mobile twitter app rather than the mobile twitter website?


For example this will launch the facebook app:
a class=“facebook” href=“fb://page/212971392077465”>My Fanpage

Thx it seems like this should be easy, but I am struggling with it.


Chris did you ever get an answer to this? I’m also looking to do this from an IOS application and would like to be able to just launch the Twitter application instead of having to launch the website and having to force the user to log in again - my mother-in-law gets very annoyed having to do this when all she is want to do is re-tweet something.


We don’t have addressable URLs for the application like this that I know of. On iOS5, you could utilize the Twitter integration feature to just integrate features like retweeting and faving into your application. Or you could go a softer route and use Twitter Web Intents, which are very mobile-friendly. See [node:183]