What is the :env for the Premium sandbox Account Activity API?



I don’t see any mention of the new :env for Account Activity endpoints. I’m presuming that it’s no longer ‘env-beta’.

Also, is there any action required if we’ve already been accepted to the beta? Will our app id carry over to the new sandbox?



If you already have an app, you’ll now find it (and the :env name) on the new Developer Dashboard here --> https://developer.twitter.com/en/account/environments

In my case, the beta environment and app shows up as env-beta. Once upgraded to a premium tier that offers more than one environment, you’re able to add an additional app if you like, and name the environment.

I believe that the new Dashboard / portal will enable environments to be renamed in the future, but at the moment a workaround would be to delete, create a new environment, and associate the same app. This is new functionality today, so please excuse me if I’m not 100% correct on this detail as I’ve not yet had to go through it myself. I can say with certainty that your beta app should appear in the Dashboard now.


Thanks Andy. Got it working - didn’t know about the dashboard. Maybe add a reference to that in the docs?


Good call, I’ll mention this to the team. Thanks for the feedback.