What is the difference between "Your access token" in my twitter application settings and the function get_tokens?


I want my users sign in to my website with twitter api.
In order to avoid asking them for credentials each time, i use twitter tokens and i store them in db.
So what is the point of “Your access token” in my twitter application settings because each user has different tokens?

What I mean is normally , i get tokens for each user with a call from get_tokens() function.
See https://github.com/elliothaughin/codeigniter-twitter/blob/master/application/libraries/tweet.php for the function details, I’m using twitter with elliothaughin’s php library.

Thank you.


The “your access token” feature is just a simple convenience feature to access the access token for yourself within the context of your application – without having to negotiate the access token through OAuth first. It’s especially useful for single-user/single-use applications.

For your context, you’ll just want to use the access tokens you negotiate and store on behalf of your users (that you’re also one of).


Ok, thanks.
What is strange is that I had the error this morning ‘Invalid token’ using the same access token through Oauth since few months. I choose to replace it by the provided in the app settings, and it works again now.



You might have inadvertently caused this situation by issuing the “my access token” or vice-versa. Ultimately, there can be only one representation of your authorization with an application – in most circumstances, if you complete an authorization flow for the same level of permissions for a token that already exists, you’ll get the same set of strings back to represent that permission. But there are cases where either a revocation has occurred or the level of permissions being asked for is different, and in these cases new strings for the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret will be issued, invalidating previous representations.