What is the difference between "servable" and "paused"?




I’m trying to control ads campaign status vie Advertizer API.
Campaigns have fields servable and paused.


In the document I cannot find the difference between them.

I guess servable is current real status which means that a campaign is now servable or not and paused is a configurable parameter which can be different from real status (ex. start_time is tomorrow) ,
because servable cannot be updated directly and paused can.
Is that correct?


Missing Metric for Single entity Id

In simple terms, you are responsible for controlling paused, while servable is affected by the state in which your campaign is. For example, there are a number of reasons why a campaign is not servable, e.g. the campaign is incomplete or was deleted.

For a full list of reasons_not_servable with respect to campaigns, have a look at our Ads Enumerations docs.