What is the criteria for applying for elevated POST limits?



Yesterday we finally hit the new POST endpoint rate limit: “User is over daily status update limit.”.

Our app is a social media management one that supports scheduling Tweets and viewing their insights. There was a sudden spike in usage yesterday, but we would like to prevent this from happening again.

After looking at this announcement, I tried to apply for elevated POST limits.

Unfortunately the option I would like to apply for elevated POST limits was not there.

From the same announcement above, it says that “If you do not see this option, you are not currently posting at a rate that would require an elevation.”. Yet I was still getting the rate limit error.

I went ahead and submitted my application for elevated POST limits using the “I have an API policy question not covered by these points” option, only to get an email stating: “Your request for elevated POST limits was not approved. We appreciate your interest.”.

I was wondering what the criteria is for such request? Luckily no customer complained yesterday (the error went away after 30-60 minutes), but we really want to prevent this from happening again as we’re getting bigger.

Thank you


As predicted, one of our customers just complained as we hit the limit again today. Same hour as yesterday. She said this was her first Tweet in 4 hours and looking at the logs, another customer has been Tweeting on some real time HR executive updates and because of his / her Tweets everyone else has been affected, including us.

Even though we recently started hitting the POST limit, we did hit it once even last month.


Hello @KalemiCode - I just applied a permission to your profile that will allow you to see the proper option in the platform form ( I would like to apply for elevated POST limits).

I’d say try filling out the form again with the proper option selected and see what comes from it.
And just so you know, we do not comment on specific applications via the forums.


Thank you. I was able to fill out and submit the form with the proper option selected.

I know. I was simply curious if there was a specific criteria for applying for elevated POST limits, besides actually hitting the new POST endpoint rate limit, not just for our app, but for apps in general.

Thanks again


The current policy harms the developers. They have to give their clients bad experience to get proved by Twitter. The policy is not welcomed.

I think Twitter should do something more. For example, there should not be just sent or rejected. There should be a middle state, sent / exceed but still send / too many and rejected. The developers can get permissions with the last two states. This is the considerrate policy we need.


Thank you for this feedback! We are definitely listening and thinking about this. We will share this frustration with a wider team.


@andypiper and @LeBraat :

We’re having the exact same issue with our app (App ID: 13271820).

Updates for the scores of school sports games go from our application to an individual school’s Twitter account.

We manage the athletics web sites for over 2,000 American schools.

We often receive the error "Response returned was 403User is over daily status update limit.” when trying to post Tweets through our Twitter App to a school’s Twitter account.

These Tweets are not erroneous or fraudulent. They are real and unique Tweets that the schools would like to go to their individual Twitter accounts.

We keep trying to submit support requests to raise our POST limit, but we keep getting denied.

Please help - this is hurting our business.


@rlehrke - I have applied the permission to your account to be able to apply via https://help.twitter.com/forms/platform with the proper selection.


@LeBraat - Thank you for that!

Unfortunately, I submitted the form again with the new/correct selection option that you granted me, and we got denied again.

"Your request for elevated POST limits was not approved. We appreciate your interest. "

Any other suggestions on what we can do to get our POST limits elevated?


Unfortunately no. It sounds like your use case is not one that we plan to support moving forward.



Holy cow. Will you still allow organizations to have an “app” that users can authorize to post on their behalf?


Yes of course! If you have a Twitter developer app, you can still have other devs authorize your app to post on behalf of them. You will just be limited to the app-level rate limit since you were not approved for the elevation.


@LeBraat - Oh, okay. So the above quote means “Twitter is not planning to support elevated post rates for apps that post to a page on behalf of a user” ?

I just want to make sure I understand.


I don’t have visibility into your specific use case, but if our policy team turned down your application for elevated POST rate limits, then there must be something about your use case that is not something that we want to support.

I don’t mean this. We do support apps that post on behalf of other users, but there must be something specific about your use case that caused us to want to limit the number of times that you can hit the POST endpoints.



APIについての質問なのですが、“I would like to apply for elevated POST limits” のオプションがありません。

こちらに申請しようと、Twitter APIへの質問から何度も試みているのですが、どうしても申請できません。




We would like to apply for elevated POST limits.
We don’t have the option “I would like to apply for elevated POST limits”.

We tried to submitting application through “I have a technical question about the Twitter API”.

But there was no reply. Can anyone help with it, so we can apply for elevated access?

Mika Suzuki


@LeBraat - Okay, makes sense!

Is there any way for us to find out what we can do to fix our application?

We represent 20% of America’s high school sports teams.

I really appreciate your help!


@brew_support - Can you please try applying again? You should see the proper option now.

@rlehrke - That is not something that I can do via this forum. I recommend that you read through our developer policy.


Hello @LeBraat

I am still not able to find that option in this list

Is there anything I can do to enable it at my end?

Thank you for your support.