What is the appropriate behavior when an account has only the "(no payment method has been set up yet)" funding instrument?


When I access the funding instruments for an account for which no credit cards have been actually entered, I get a single funding instrument with a blank name and a description of “(no payment method has been set up yet)”. But I can use this funding instrument as though it was real, even in the production environment, and can even get to the point where I can make a campaign start running, according to the ads.twitter.com UI. A banner that says “Enter a credit card that will be used to pay for your advertising costs” persists, but I can still set the campaign as running.

What is the purpose of this funding instrument? Should I ignore it and advise my users to input a credit card at ads.twitter.com before using my app? If so, how do I detect this funding instrument reliably? There are no attributes that indicate that this is not a real credit card other than the description, and testing for equality on that text seems wrong.


On a general note, if you haven’t done so already, you might want to have a look at this portion of the docs to do with funding instruments.

You are right, there are no attributes that indicate whether a funding instrument is a real credit card or not - you should test for equality on the text indeed, but also you can check credit_limit_local_micro; if this is not greater than 0 then it indicates you won’t be able to do much.

Unable to determine valid Funding Instruments

That makes sense. I’ll exclude any funding instruments with credit_limit_local_micro == 0 and send the user to https://ads.twitter.com/accounts/:account_id/payment_methods/new if they have no funding instruments with a non-zero credit_limit_local_micro.