What is the API to Accept/Deny a follower request?


What is the API call to Accept or Deny a follower request?




This functionality is not available via the API.


Good to know.



How can i accept my followers


That functionality is not available via the API.


how to get deny and allow in the popup window when clicking twitter button?
I tried with my apps but i didn’t get it…


Hi! I have more than 3000 follower requests. I’d like to find the 1 person in there I really want to see and approve them. I thought the API would help, but apparently not. Is there some way to clear all follower requests?


Ok. For anybody else with the same problem, my terrible solution is to use a bit of in-browser JavaScript. I went to the follower requests page, opened up the JavaScript console, and did this:

count=20;delay=2000; for (var i=0; i<count; i++) {setTimeout(function(){window.scrollTo(0,100000)},i*delay);} setTimeout(function(){$(".js-action-deny").click();},count*delay); setTimeout(function(){location.reload()},(count+3)*delay);

That will get rid of hundreds of followers at a time, which is better than clicking each one. Tested only in Chrome, but something similar should work in other browsers.


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using chrome still not working please update this script @william


@william ??