What is linear audio and video, exactly?



I have been trying to send my player card for 3 days. Basically, the card contains a mouse controlled GIF. However, it was rejected every time and the Twitter Support sent following email.

Thanks for the follow up. Player Cards are reserved for linear audio and video. If you see a Player Card that is not in this format it is non-compliant with our policies.

Your gif will not be approvable in its current state, unfortunately.

Twitter Platform Operations

Our URLs;
URL: https://likeyoyo.com/thebrokenrecord/zk0yh3reqx
Frame: https://likeyoyo.com/yoyo/player-embed/43zhnzrwp/zk0yh3reqx

Additionally, according to the policy, SlideShare’s and Google Docs’s player cards don’t contain a video or an audio. You can check in this URLs: https://twitter.com/33voices/status/568486561433686016 and https://twitter.com/BlogModerateur/status/555730791909818369

Could you explain exactly, what is linear audio and video?


I’d like to understand why you’re getting rejected too; though I already know the answer to this: you’re not Google or LinkedIn! Clearly different rules for different companies. If you do a search in these forums for similar questions the official twitter response ends once someone points out SlideShare doesn’t satisfy the requirements of a Player Card. Could someone from Twitter respond? If we at least know there is a two tiered service, then small startups won’t waste their valuable time.