What is 'limit' in Streaming and how can I get limit value?


I am week at English so, I can’t understand well Twitter Streaming APIs.
If I Streaming with ‘apple’(apple is keyword of Streaming, track), total count of Twits include words ‘apple’ is limit?
That, total count of result searching with ‘apple’ is limit?

And more question, can I Streaming by period?
For example, streaming between 20141001 and 20141020.
When I use searching APIs, I can use since, until method. Is there similar function in Streaming APIs?

If Streaming APIs example with JAVA, Please let me know~

Thank you for read!!!^.^


The streams are constant stream of real time tweets that you can not filter on particular dates or times. You should use the search statuses endpoints to filter on particular dates.


Take a look at hbc (hosebird client) for a streaming API client in Java.