What is exclude_reply_userids used for?



https://dev.twitter.com/overview/api/upcoming-changes-to-tweets mentions this parameter but it does not explain what it means and what it used for.

Could you please provide more information.

Replying to a RT'ed tweet shows on main tweet view

Yes. It is used to remove user IDs from a “visually hidden” reply chain attached to a new extended Tweet. However, since these new options have not yet been activated fully in the API, at present the use of this parameter may be non-deterministic.


Thanks andy, when you say "visually hidden" reply chain attached do you mean the prefix part of the Extended Tweet or is there a new field that I am not aware of?


Correct, the prefix, defined by the display_text_range index values in the new Tweet objects. The exclude_reply_user_ids parameter will be used to remove Twitter handles that would otherwise previously have been added by the auto_populate_reply_metadata option.

From the doc:

The auto_populate_reply_metadata option will append @mentions into the metadata as a reply chain grows, until the limit on @mentions is reached. In order to edit down the list of handles, an additional option, exclude_reply_user_ids, will enable specific IDs (apart from the leading one) to be excluded from a reply. This parameter is an optional, comma-separated list of user ids which will be removed from the server-generated @-mentions prefix.

Again note that the changes to how replies and mentions are handled are not yet live on the platform, only the attachment_url parameter is currently supported.


Perfect thank you.