What is equivalent of 'result_type': 'popular' for the Premium API?



In the Standard API the search operator ‘result_type’: ‘popular’ prioritizes Tweets with Likes and Retweets. While we’re enjoying having access to the full archive with the Premium API, we haven’t been able to get this search operator to work with the Premium API (and we didn’t see anything like this listed in the Premium Search Operators documentation). It is hard to believe that a search operator available for the Standard API would be missing for paid subscriptions such as the Premium API. In the Premium API is there something like the ‘result_type’: ‘popular’ operator or another approach for prioritizing popular Tweets (ie ones that have Likes and Retweets)? Thanks, -Matt


Anyone know how to filter out retweets and tweets with zero likes using the Premium API? Thanks, -Matt


Hi @smarttube3 - all operators available with premium are listed in our documentation: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/rules-and-filtering/overview/operators-by-product

In terms of filtering out retweets, you can negate is:retweet, like so: -is:retweet You can read more about negating terms here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/rules-and-filtering/guides/using-premium-operators.html

And I am not aware of a way of filtering out Tweets that have 0 favorites.



Aurelia, that’s good feedback, thank you. In our tests of using -is:retweet it does appear to help, but up to 30% of the Tweets (Tweets dated between December 30th 2018 and January 9th 2019) returned are still retweets and do have data listed under retweet_status Is there a reason why -is:retweet is not (entirely) effective? Thanks again, -Matt


Hi @smarttube3 - can you please share with me the query that you are running and a couple of example of retweets that are being returned?

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