What is difference between "clicks" and "url_clicks"?


Our app gets reporting data using this endpoint. I have determined that metrics shown on ads.twitter.com in the column “Results” equal “url_clicks” on API-response. Am I right?

I didn’t find any description about about difference between “clicks” and “url_clicks” on API-response. Could you explain what is the difference between those metrics?


I’m not 100% but clicks are probably any click on the tweet (expanding it, clicking an image, etc) while a url click is a click to your website.


I’m 99% you’re right :smiley:


Between the two of us, that’s 198% confidence level, right?


Hi @Yarik,

Thanks @DanielCHood and @hector_borras for chiming in here! The “url_clicks” is linked to an old beta product, therefore it should always return null. We have already added to our list to either update or remove as the parameter returns no useful data.

As an example, the clicks param reported back on website card for clicks or conversions campaign would report # of clicks on the card. Where as engagements would include media engagements, retweets, replies, follows, etc plus clicks.

Thanks again!

Organic stats url_clicks and followers at null

Right now it seems for the ‘Link Clicks’ metric in the Twitter API documentation it says that ‘url_clicks’ is the most current metric to use. Since that was just for beta, is there a different calculation or metric that should be used to get ‘Link Clicks’?