What is consider as large numbers of unsolicited replies or mentions


Hello guys,

My apps is being restricted and Twitter send me this email.
“Your app was restricted for sending a large volume of unsolicited and/or repeat @username”.

My apps are only to REPLY to customers tweet against our tweets or @username aboout us.
While my apps reply using the API: POST “statuses/update”:
We always fill in the 2 fields: [status] and [in_reply_to_status_id].
In [status] field, we always prefix with @username, where username is the author of the referenced Tweet, within the update.
In [in_reply_to_status_id] field, we put in the ID of an existing status that this update is in reply to.

I am confused. I do not send any extra @username in the [status] field.
Why is my tweets are consider as unsolicited replies or mentions.

Is there anyway that I can omit the prefix @username?
This is causing my apps to be “RESTRICTED TO API READ ACCESS ONLY”, thus failed to post tweets via apps.

Also, I had check that I am conform to the the new rate limit.

Anyone experiencing this?


The best place for questions related to policy and restrictions is to submit a report here. Once you do, an agent with visibility on your developer account can review and reach back out to you.


Thanks for your time and suggestions but I don’t think it work.

Below is what I get from twitter when I submit a report there before coming to here:
“We do not provide technical support through this help desk. We suggest that you check out our API documentation for technical information. Additionally, you may want to search through our developer forums. Our Developer Advocates regularly answer questions and share tips and best practices with our developer community here.”

Kindly help.


Please refer to this post:


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