What is api to get funding instrument name?


there is below api
GET accounts/:account_id/funding_instruments

but its not giving funding instrument name.?

Is there any way I can funding instrument name?



Is the “description” field what you are looking for? I believe that is the name of funding instrument in Ads UI.




thanks for reply @JBabichJapan
I have checked it. its not same always.


Can you post an example of where it’s not the same? (just the account ID and funding instrument ID is fine)



sorry at this moment I can’t provide you account id and instrument Id.
can you please confirm that description will be same as funding instrument name always.
didn’t found anything in docs which mention about this…Thanks…


@idreaminfinite: What name are you referring to? “Credit/debit card” shown below?


@juanshishido yes


Ok, the description for “Credit/debit card” in the case above, via API the same funding instrument would be something like description=“VISA ending in …”.

For the cases which are not CREDIT_CARD type, description should be the same as UI name but possibly missing the “T-number” e.g. (T313151) at the end.


@JBabichJapan yes thats the case.
thanks for info.
Is there any plan In future twitter is going to send exact information in api same as UI.


The T-number part is available as “io_header” part of the funding_instrument response. You could format it like “%s (%s)”, name, io_header I believe, but for CREDIT_CARD type I think displaying name would be sufficient since that’s never associated with a T-number.