What is ad-group, ad-set and ad?



I have been using terms Lineitem and camaign .

What is relation between terms ads ,ads-group and ad-set and how they are related to Lineitem and Campaign


@andypiper do yo have any idea.
I am not able to find document related this.


I moved your topic into the correct category but I’m not personally an expert on the Ads side so I’ll defer to one of the team or another developer who understands that in more detail.


Some parts of the documentation state that an “Ad Group” is simply a “Campaign” that contains more than one “Line Item”: https://dev.twitter.com/ads/overview/ad-groups-faq

Other parts, however, state that “Ad Group” is equivalent to “Line Item” and, in this context, campaigns with more than one “Line Item” are called “Ad Group Campaigns”: check the Line Item paragraph at https://dev.twitter.com/ads/tutorials/hierarchy-and-terminology

To me, the first definition (“Ad Group” = “Campaign with more than one Line Item”) makes much more sense.

There is no clear equivalent of an ad in the Ads API hierarchy. To some people and documents, a “Line Item” is an ad (this stance would be coherent with the first definition of “Ad Group”). To others, the “Promoted Tweet” or “Promoted Account” within the “Line Item” would be the ad (in line with the second definition).

I have never heard “ad-set” in the context of Twitter Ads. That’s a Facebook concept.

Maybe someone else can provide an authoritative explanation.


@manueldelgado thanks for the information…


Can a Twitter dev please confirm which of @manueldelgado 's explanations is correct?


Hey @p_v & @manueldelgado

  • We don’t have a concept of “ad-set”
  • An adgroup is considered the same as a line item
  • We generally refer to an ad in terms of the creative format (Promoted Tweet, Promoted Account, etc.) while a line item contains a creative (ad) along with budget, targeting, placement, etc.

From the Hierarchy & Terminology page:

Within a campaign, you can have one or more ad groups, also known as line items in the Ads API


Campaigns that contain multiple line items are often referred to as “ad group campaigns”.

I hope that clears things up.


@imit8me thanks for the quick reply - clear and helpful as usual!


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