What is a valid URL? I'm getting an error that the URL I am using is not the valid format. I'm trying to set up Drupal twitter module


I’m getting an error trying to define my URL. I get a message that the URL is not a valid URL. I haven’t made a typo since I copied and pasted it and it is valid. What constitutes a valid URL?


I should have mentioned that the page I am using is https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new


For the purposes of the callback field, an HTTP or HTTPS-based URL pointing at a non-twitter.com domain.

URLs of any protocol are welcome when dynamically setting oauth_callback on the request_token step, but a placeholder URL matching the above criteria needs to be supplied to the field on your application record.


I am not attempting to enter a callback URL. I am entering the WebSite
I entered www.climateactionnow.ca … both with and without the www. prefix.
What format does it need to be in? I entered the URL without the http:// prefix. what is a non-twitter.com domain?


It should be added to the help info. I added http:// to the Website and it worked.


I am having the same issue.

I am trying to set the callback URL to http://www.justdeveloped.co.uk/

I have tried with and with out www.

It also says you can leave the field blank if you do not require the callback function, a little help please?


I fixed the problem by adding ‘http://’ to the website section of the form, it needs to be clearly explained that this is required. Simply stating “Not a valid URL form” or what ever it was and not pointing at the field in question is not good enough.


I added http:// to my website and it still gave me “not a valid url format”. Any other ideas?


Sanibel, if you copy the entry and paste it into your browser what happens? does it go to the correct site?


Yes, it goes to the correct site.


Check whether you have any white space at the end.


I am getting same issue.


i m also getting the same issue…
i tired with http:\\spring_secure or http:\localhost:8079\spring_secure


We don’t accept localhost or IP addresses in these fields.


this is really very bad. not accepting any url format for website. tried for firefox and chrome as well


If you’d like some help determining why this was the case, feel free to share the exact strings you’re providing to those fields and I’ll try to let you know why they failed.


I have the same problem. This is the Callback URL I’m trying to enter:


I also am getting this error…




I think your website and callback should match. Some examples:

website: http://www.quoteicon.com
callback: http://www.quoteicon.com/twitter/callback


website: http://www.example.com
callback: http://www.example.com/twitter/callback

it worked for me…