What is a valid callback url when client send request_token API?





Did you check this documentation?

Do not add query strings to your callback URLs in your Twitter app’s configuration
Twitter will allow you to pass any standard query strings along with your callback URL in your oauth/request_token request. Therefore, we do not allow you to add query strings to the end of the callback URL that you list in the Twitter apps dashboard.

Also, please make sure that the same URL has been whitelisted in your Twitter app settings.



Thank you, @jrsyo
I have two questions:

  1. I can set in my app callback configuration, but I failed to request token by using this callback as I did in my step 1. Is a valid callback?

  2. Why I failed request token in my step 2, it is a valid callback but without query parameter?




Please provide us the full response data you got. We now have only status code and it doesn’t help us a lot. What was the response body?

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