What is a url or placeholder?


Trying to set up applications (which I really don’t know what that means) for my blog. It is asking what my website URL is. Have no clue - please help


It is the address you would type into your browser to access your blog.


Trying to set up applications but hav no clue how to go about it


A problem I think many people might fall for (and indeed which took me several tries before I worked it out) is that you need to specify the “http://” at the start of the URL. It is quite normal nowadays to start typing the URL without it,


but i have not any url or blog for that…i am only testing my application of iphone then what i am writting in website url?


what will be url if its for testing in localhost…


try the following for local host config


I put in the URL of my blog and it worked perfectly fine for me :), so one solution can be you can make a blog using google blogger and put the URL of that blog while creating or testing out your twitter application :).