What is a "Media View" in seconds?



I can’t find any source online that defines what a media view is in terms of seconds. Facebook’s view is 3 seconds. Does Twitter follow suit? Not even sure if this is the right forum for the question, but also not sure where else to go. Apologies in advance for that.


Hey @hunter If you take a look at our Twitter for Business page, under the section “What is Auto-Play?” it says

We consider a chargeable view as 2 seconds of playback in 50% view in the timeline, or a click to watch in fullscreen/unmute — whichever comes first.

Hope that answers your question!


Interesting. Most of our video tweets only have <10 views. How is this possible? @ajplus (AJ+)


Hi @imit8me, any ideas here? Do you know why most of AJ+'s tweets only have <10 media views?


Hi @hunter,

Was that post used as an ad? If you are wondering about performance issues around the ads, it is best to contact the Twitter account manager, and not the Ads API forums (this forum is meant for more technical questions, and not account operations).


Also note, if you don’t have an account manager, please use the “Help?” button on the top right when logged into ads.twitter.com. You probably want to use "Campaign Targeting & Performance."