What if "quoted_status_id" and "retweet_status.id" both set?


What does it mean when in a tweet object both quoted_status_id and retweet_status.id but always with different tweet ids?

Let’s say for example, I have a tweet with id=1234 and with retweet_status.id=6666 and quoted_status_id=7777. I assume that means the 1234 is a retweet of 6666, but where does 7777 come into play?


Are you able to provide a specific Tweet ID that demonstrates what you’re describing?


Andy, sure: 968878464999727109

In this tweet,

  • quoted_status_id = 968869533837504513
  • retweeted_status.id = 968875037221515264
  • retweeted_status.quoted_status_id = 968869533837504513

So it seems that the original tweet gets the quoted_status_id from the quoted_status_id of the retweeted tweet. Is this correct? And if so, what is the intuition?