WHAT HAPPENED TO TWEETBIG? Anyone here to tell me whether they will be back? They say that they have problrems with twitter. is this true?


Anyone here to tell me whether tweetbig will be back? They say that they have problrems with twitter. Is this true?

In my records it says “suspended”.

i just wanted to improve the software, but is it worth to invest into the solution?

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My account still says We’re currently working on our servers, we apologize for any downtime today.

But I think it has been about 3 weeks. I put in a support ticket on 12.10 and would REALLY like to hear from them. For the whole three weeks they’ve told me it is an issue with Twitter and they can’t get twitter to respond . . . seems like a long Thanksgiving break.


I’ve been trying to sign up for almost a month, and keep getting a ‘migrating to new servers’ message, and in reply to my support ticket they said some new users would be affected for ‘few more business days’… Are Tweetbig over? There seems to be remarkably little posted online about it, so maybe it’s just the unlucky few…


In four different support tickets they have said they are trying to get a response from Twitter about their problems. Their last support response was that I should cancel and sign up again when they are back online.

I cancelled my membership yesterday - they charged me the monthly fee and they’ve been down since 11/18. And they had told me previously they would credit me with the time lost and MORE and my billing would be adjusted. It obviously wasn’t - so i think they aren’t as attentive to their business as they should be.

I am sorry though, when it worked it was great!


sames with me service seems to be down.