What exactly the difference between @Anywhere and Twitter Web Intents?


I am now building an tweet box on my website. I found there are two ways to implement this featrues.
One is to use @Anywhere TweetBox and another is to use Web Intents features.
I’m not sure which is fit to my case.
Please let me know that exactly the difference between @Anywhere and Twtitter Web Intents.
When I googled it, I can’t found any answers of clearing my mind.

Thank you in advance.


@Anywhere is a Javascript-heavy solution that involves you registering an application and transparently using a primitive form of OAuth 2 to negotiate a user’s relationship with your website. It includes some friendly widgets and if you’re adventurous, some interesting possibilities with Javascript.

Web Intents, the Tweet Button, and the Follow Button are all alternatives to this approach that offer more frictionless experiences for end-users – there are no applications to authorize, no API keys for the developer to work with, and the features work both with or without Javascript. These all use the user’s existing session on Twitter.com to perform actions, without creating any relationship between your site and the user.

If you’re wanting a stronger, API-based implementation, I recommend using sever-to-server REST instead of @Anywhere. If you’re wanting to keep things simple, I recommend using Web Intents.


can anybody tell that i want a twiiter authentcation and after successfully i must get the detail of the user in an array and that all shud do with a url passing app id only??