What exactly is meant by "unsolicited replies or mention"?


Recently my account was suspended (then reinstated) for following:

This account was suspended for sending multiple
unsolicited @replies or mentions.

Twitter monitors the use of these features to make sure they’re not
abused. Using either feature to post messages to other users in an
unsolicited or egregious manner is considered an abuse of its use,
which results in account suspension.

Now I am a bit confused, what exactly do you mean by “unsolicited” replies
or mentions? or “egregious manner” ??

  1. so everytime I reply to a tweet is that unsolicited?
    because it was not addressed to me?
  2. if someone sends me a tweet or I respond to a tweet (reply) that
    has or mentions others i.e., tweet text @mention1, @mention2
    are you suggesting I take the others out of the tweet? since I have
    not tweeted with them before?
  3. Many replies and mentions I get are unsolicited, I never complain
    what exactly do you mean by unsolicited? if I am referring to a tweet
    that was available for me to respond to even when it was not
    exactly sent to me? or if I am referring to a user? for example
    if I am twitting to @housespeaker…I cannot embed his twitter
    account so I can let him know what I am saying?
  4. At times I am attacked by those of with different view points
    with hostility is responding to them “in kind” an “unsolicited reply”?
    Is this a fair way of handling free speech? sometimes my response may involve
    multiple replies given the 140 limit but they attacked me first
    and I am responding, is my response still an “unsolicited” reply??


I got suspended for exactly the same reason today and unsuspended. I have no idea what it means. Your questions are the same as mine. Did you ever get an answer?


Exact same boat for the past two months.


it has been my experience twice, when all of a sudden I am attacked by a conservative gang of tweeps
and they start bullying me…if I defend or counter attack, they report me as me harassing them…and sending them unsolicited reply or mentions…its a trick based on the culture war but tweeter does not take enough time to properly investigate and trace the dialogue to see who is harassing who


No it has happened to me twice…but read my post below and I have never gotten any caring response from twitter…

I guess twitter assumes, if you are attacked, simply block the user or do not reply to multiple attacks having multiple “mentions” just delete others other than the one sending the attack…something like that and reply only once…


I’m in the same boat


My account was suspended today for this very reason (apparently). The only thing I did was retweet something that mentioned a couple of other people in it, therefore my tweet had three user accounts mentioned.

However, I am unable to unsuspend my account because the form where you select the checkboxes saying ‘I won’t do x and y’, enter a captcha and hit ‘submit’, just returns me to my homepage and gives the error message “You are already logged in. Log out and try again.”

It also says this irrespective of whether I select the checkboxes, or put the correct captcha answer in, or no captcha answer at all even. This is quite frustrating since my account behaviour is exactly the same as it was previously.


I had the same problem! What does unsolicited replies or mentions mean?
Would someone please explain?


I have no idea what twitter is driving at. This “rule” seems arbitrary at best, and possibly just another form of censorship.
I need twitter to clarify this. Are we allowed to talk to open accounts? Do we need a gold embossed invitation from the lady of the house before we open our mouths? What social intercourse is twitter allowing?
Is this a NEW RULE? Has it ALWAYS been the rule?
Are we meant to just air a thought without addressing it to anyone?
This seems to be the FAVSTAR award thing where people get tweet of the day for smart / smut / smirk tweets. Like a little club of high school kids. Twitter - you are kidding aren’t you?


It seems twitter is controlled by nervous conservative types who would rather suspend people from communicating than check the facts. Considering the parameters of rules, the arbitrary nature of suspension means it’s chaos.


We have to talk to people we follow and who follow us. Twitter doesn’t want strangers talking to each other because that’s somehow dangerous. ( I’m guessing this .It seems hard to understand)


I had the same thing today! It’s like they shamed me for trying to make friends at a party!

Twitter obviously has every right to dictate the terms on their site. It’s not “censorship” or an infraction on our free speech, but I thought it was weird that I tripped some algorithm to get myself suspended for making too many comments.


I think tonight I got a revelation as to what causes this type of suspension…I got suspended again but I had not had many replies or mentions at all or any heated political conversations, so when I got unsuspended I went thru each one of my tweets with a hint from Zach Green at UniteBlue…which said if you have been blocked by someone on a conversation and you keep on having this person who blocked you on the replies you sent to others then this will cause the suspension…well, as I said before I checked everyone I twitted and none except for one had me blocked, which I did not know, it was a tweet I sent with the glennbeck account on it, he had me blocked (which is an honor) i.e., mentioning him …I am almost 99.5% certain that this caused the suspension cause how else would twitter really automatically can assert who is behaving aggressively by multiple replies or mentions since we all do that all the time…it is when someone who your tweet mentions that has blocked you that will cause it …so please check to make sure that someone who you know maybe hostile to you is blocking you before you put such person in your mentions…


Same problem here. It seems further proof of two things 1. That the internet is meant to be an arena for free thought and speech but uptightness and censorship are in plentiful supply. 2. The days when someone was innocent until proved guilty are long gone and all you have to do is cry wolf and the wolf gets it


I think you are EXACTLY on it here bro. So much for social eh?


Me too! Twitter suspended my account and I had to agree to abide by their rules before being reinstated. Ummm… except I didn’t do what they accused me of? They’re basically accusing me of spamming…or mass tweeting. Ummm… but if you actually look at my account, you’ll see that I retweeted articles but they aren’t addressed (@ or #) to anyone. So what am I doing wrong again? What fascist didn’t like my comments today?


look at the conversations prior to the suspension and check each mention…you will most likely find one or more that had you blocked…whenever someone blocks you if you send tweets with a mention to that person say as a secondary mention…somewhere in your tweet this can happen
or if you are debating and retweeting hostile ppl they may block you without you knowing and if you continue mentioning them in say your retweets then your account can get suspended…it is the “blocking” you by others that causes this for the most part…


it’s typically Liberal types who are about censorship


I have experiensed exactly the same as @mahilena.
Don’t really know how to avoid suspension. I reply to tweets to get to talk to people.
What could be wrong with this? Isn’t the idea of social media that you talk to people?
I tried to contact support, but they aren’t replying as soon as i’m unsuspended.

For the future i will remove mentions from replies. Hope it helps.


two months you are account has been suspended since two months you dint appeal ?