What endpoint should I be accessing for a Organization's/School Version of the Twitter Search API?



Hi, I’m currently working on my senior software project for my university. My school applied and received organizational/educational access to the Full-Archive Search API back in December. I’m able to successfully connect to the API with my Java code and access the premium data (e.g. Coordinates metadata) but I can only access Tweets from the past 10 days.

I posted this issue previously on the forum: Am I able to access data from the Premium Full-Archive Search API using the Twitter4J Java Library? and concluded that I need to use the Python Twitter Search API to access the full-archive.

I ran the following in my Python code, and I get the following HTTP error code: retrying request; current status code: 401.

Note: I took out my Dev Environment Label and keys to keep them private:






Should I be using a different endpoint or is there an issue with the existing code I entered to access the organizational search tweets endpoint? I followed the directions referenced at the Python Twitter Search API Github page.


Hey Johnny, unfortunately I don’t have an answer for your question since I am facing similar problems. Though, you are a step further and already have the Full-archive access.

  1. May I ask you where you or your organization applied for that access?
  2. Are you using the python twitterdev search library ( https://github.com/twitterdev/search-tweets-python ) or how do you access your data? Before I figured out that I need premium access to crawl data from 2016, I got my self more or less comfortable with ( https://github.com/bianjiang/tweetf0rm ) as a crawler which works with Twython. But I now that I tried to test out the sandbox premium access (the free version of premium with extremely limited api rates), I cannot manage to change the code of tweetf0rm to access premium data… probably because my python skills are quite limited at this time.

all the best,