What drives ad ineligibility?



I have several Twitter accounts that I use to promote (acceptable and okay!) aspects of the university faculty I work for – one for our student achievements, one for our faculty research, etc. I’ve been using the Ads platform for three years to schedule posts without incident.

At the start of the week, a new account I was setting up got flagged as ineligible; there’s no response from Support other than a form message saying I’m ineligible.

So, okay, I’m 110% confident I’m not violating the ToS – I’ll create another new account. But this one is instantly flagged as ineligible. So now I’m wondering what triggers this automatic flagging – is it the IP address, and all this is because the university shares a few IP addresses across the campus, and I’m being pinged by an unknown bad actor? Or… well, I’m not sure what.

But I’m 110% okay in terms of not violating Twitter’s ACTUAL ad policies, so I don’t know why any account made in this… building, it seems like… is suddenly flagged as ineligbile. What triggers this auto-flagging?


Hi @mattshepherd,

Thank you for the inquiry, because this eligibility is gated through our Ads Policy team. This best place to go if you would like your account to be reviewed by our team, please file a support ticket. To do this, log in to ads.twitter.com and file a support ticket using the “Help?” button in the top right corner of your ads dashboard.

Because your account is fairly new, be sure to complete your account’s Twitter profile and spend a few weeks familiarizing yourself with Twitter’s best practices. Details about mastering the basics of Twitter are available here.

Thank you!