What does this mean? I am trying to install twitter on Sugar CRM


I am going through the set up screen for creating the twitter feed on Sugar CRM. The third box down on the Twitter app screen says this under website : "Your application’s publicly accessible home page, where users can go to download, make use of, or find out more information about your application. This fully-qualified URL is used in the source attribution for tweets created by your application and will be shown in user-facing authorization screens.
(If you don’t have a URL yet, just put a placeholder here but remember to change it later.)"
what url do i put in there? Any ideas?


Feel free to use your business’s website, or a link back to Sugar CRM.


similar to the cnn website.

It is always worth checking that it is the “feed” of the blog/rss you are using and not just a link to the HTML overview page.

(click on the “Subscribe XML” link and copy the URL into your SugarCRM RSS field )


what is placeholder?

‘_’ or ‘-’


A “placeholder” is a stand-in – something you put in a place because something needs to go there – in this case it also needs to be a valid URL that we’ll accept.

If you have any doubts about what to put in that field, just put a link to your Twitter profile like http://twitter.com/vinaysimharaju


I think I overstand now


There is something wrong with the creating an application page. I tried different url but won’t take any. Keeps complaining “Not a valid url”. Then I tried http://twitter.com/vinaysimharaju just to see if it works. But nope! Is something wrong?


There are some issues saving apps at the moment. What other URLs did you try? twitter.com-based URLs aren’t meant to work.


I am trying to create an app but not able to create. Every time I am entering URL it prints not a valid url. I don’t know why it is happening. At first, I entered my localhost url and then my original site url with http://www, http://abc.com, abc.com but none of them are working any idea??? and please let me know what is place holder i dont get it. I also have entered - and – but issue still their.


Ahsan… did u get a solution?? i m having the same problem…


add “https://” before “www” and it should work. For example “www.bbb.com” wont work, but “https://www.bbb.com” should work


Hi I’m not a developer but trying to install Twitter Image for wordpress.
I need fill in the create an application to get a OAuth Consumer Key: and a OAuth Consumer Secret:
On the part that says Website (Your application’s publicly accessible home page,) I keep getting an error “not a valid url format” despite making sure the url is complete.
I’m presuming any full url will do ? any advise please.


use ‘http://’ and avoid twitter.com urls. In my case I made up my url like this: ‘http://www.appluisvillamarin.com’ and it works.


What a bad experience.What is placeholder?


What is placeholder?


sorry but twitter profile url is not working, still sending not a valid url.


My website url is not working. So I decided to put my twitter website on there and it still doesn’t work. What should I do?

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