What does one need to do to get help on Card validation issues?


I’m not sure what the protocol is here, for which issues get a reply and which don’t, but I’ve seen quite a few people with my problem (and a lot other problems, actually) who are never replied. There’s no other form of contact between us and Twitter staff, and it’s basically a case of ‘well that’s your issue’.

All I want to do is get a Twitter card setup. I’ve done it before, pretty quickly, so I know how easily it can be done. However, in this case, it’s probably over 2 months now, I’ve lost track of the time. I’ve started threads asking for help, I’ve seen other people starting threads asking for help. Nothing. No reply except from other people who are having the same problem and are looking for a way out.

I’m sure the folks that work here are busy and all, but it defeats the point of the board if we can’t get an answer to our problems at all.

If it was rejected, that would be progress, but it’s just pending. Pending so I can’t make a new application and so I can’t tell if there’s something wrong. I see staff come on here, and answer, as recently as a day ago, so I don’t know. At the very least, there should be a way to allow people to re-apply again if their application goes ignored for over a month or something.

I’m just asking for help. Please help me out.




Apologies for the delay. We’re pretty backed up. (And by we, I mean me. I’m the only one on this for now.)

This post doesn’t have a ton of info in it, and instead of proceeding on the boards, Can you DM/hit me on Twitter?

I’ll be deleting this, since it’s not really useful to others to learn from (which is why we like the message board.)

Thanks, and look forward to helping!



I’m sorry for sounding touchy but I’ve actually tweeted @ you before to no reply and I can’t DM you either. But I’ll tweet you again.