What does "has_extended_profile" indicate in UserObject?



Users/show returns the user object.
One element is a boolean “has_extended_profile”.
This isn’t referred to in the user object documentation at https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/data-dictionary/overview/tweet-object



That value can safely be ignored and is only used internally. I’ll make a note that this is not relevant to the majority of developers and look into having it tidied up.


thanks Mr. P
My reason for asking was that I am still trying to track down what’s going on with this issue Notifications problem
’has_extended_profile’ is one of the few fields that was showing up in the user object as different between accts getting notifications and accounts not getting them.
The others are ‘location’, ‘time_zone’ and ‘utc_offset’.
I’ll grind on with seeing if I can consistently reproduce it. I hate intermittents …