What do I do with API 1.1 for analysis tools?


I am running twitter account analysis service.

Currently it is working on servers with whitelisted IP addresses.

Since it seems twitter eliminates that whitelist thing for API ver 1.1, I wonder how I can gain the same volume of access?

For example, now I have 20k calls per IP for search API. What happens when twitter launch Ver 1.1?

I also have some accounts whitelisted for higher calls from those accounts. Are those also eliminated?


Rate limiting will work quite differently in API v1.1. The idea of using dedicated accounts to crawl the API will likely not work for you anymore but there will be alternatives. Some services will need to change their access patterns or make better use of the tapestry of APIs available to them. More details will come with the release of v1.1.


Thanks a lot!!!

Looking forward to trying out new API!




Any heads up specifically on what the new hourly quota limit will be with the general search end point?