What do I do when Twitter ignore support forms?


I have been advised by Andy Piper to contact Twitter Support via their platform. However I have had no support response from Twitter for my application issue. I requested if someone could look into my app issue and have had no contact from Twitter. The advice from the developer forum is to use the support form. Is there a reason Twitter is not answering my support queries over several months or are they to busy.



Thanks for reaching out. We can confirm that none of the 4 apps tied to your account are currently suspended or restricted from accessing our API. Twitter does restrict applications from repeatedly posting the same/similar Tweets over certain durations, however. This would include repeatedly posting Tweets that contain hashtags.

We are unable to offer an exception to this or any other Twitter policy. We suggest sending a variety of Tweets that do not always include hashtags.

Finally, please ensure that you read and comply with all instructions contained in our emails. Specifically, our initial emails to all of your outreach requested that you reply to confirm that you were at the correct help desk. Without that reply to confirm your cases were closed.

We hope this information is useful.

Twitter Platform Operations

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Thank you for replying, I did reply to your emails, only to receive an automated response that the support@twitter.com email address isn’t answered.

I am not asking that you make an exception in your system for my app, and we have made changes so a variety of different hashtags are used in each Tweet, however as Twitter is blocking the very first Tweet ever sent from our app containing any hashtag whatsoever and this does not happen with Buffer or Hootsuite, it means that even a brand new user of my app sending their very first hash tagged Tweet your spam filters automatically block their Tweet when sent by my app as spam … if I was to write the exact same Tweet and post it in Buffer, Hootsuite or directly into Twitter it would go without any problem. My user Tweets are not spammy they are small business owners on eBay and Etsy, trying to share their photos and be seen in hashtag searches, we make every Tweet unique for them with unique symbols and we now randomise the tags that are sent with their item descriptions.

I would very much appreciate your further support to investigate why the very first Tweets from our app are blocked.

Kind regards




I created a Twitter account Wednesday evening (Sept. 28th), posted 6 retweets Thursday morning then replied to another. Since then I have not been able to tweet anything and now I cannot follow any additional users (currently following 273). I created tickets and emailed support with no responses. In addition, my account does not appear locked or suspended.

I’m not a robot and not posting spam. I just want to tweet normally.

Please let me know what can be done to resolve this.

Finally, per other message boards, many other users are experiencing this as well.

Thank you for your help.


Please continue to reply to the platform support emails to ensure that the case remains open and the team can help you. As I’ve mentioned, this is not a forum where we can help you further with this issue.


This is not the user services support forum. We are unable to help with any account related issues here. Please use support.twitter.com for all account queries.