What do I do about 'Invalid or expired token.'? Getting it no matter what I do


So how do I handle ‘Invalid or expired token.’ errors?

I’m trying to use the chunked media upload and I get this error even on the INIT call.

I can tweet using these credentials but I can’t upload. How could that be? I oAuthed on our platform again just to make double sure I am using a current token and I am.

How do I possibly debug this with such a vague message?


An Update:
As far as I can tell this node package (and all other ones I’ve tried)
using an OLD url for uploading media, probably api.twitter.com

The new domain is

Note: The domain for this endpoint is upload.twitter.com

Looks like only twurl is affected?

The node module at https://github.com/desmondmorris/node-twitter seems to be correct but I am still getting invalid or expired token using that.


Hey @andypiper is it possible you could verify the status of tokens for me?

I have several I’ve tried using and I’m getting Invalid or Expired each time.