What defines a "traditional Twitter client application" for the 100K App token limit


Could I please seek clarification on what defines a “traditional Twitter client application”.

I specifically reference the Windows 8 People Hub/App which is a Social Aggregator and blends Twitter feed with Facebook etc.

In my opinion, this is not a traditional Twitter Client, but could you please confirm that Windows has undertaken this as per Rules of the Road and standard API limits available for 3rd party developers? Or is there is a special agreement in place?

If this does not classify as a “traditional Twitter client”, what is the application token limit for a 3rd party application of this nature? Also, if the People Hub/App displayed #Trending as part of the App, would this then classify it as a traditional Twitter Client?

Please don’t refer me to the Rules of the Road, I have read them, hence this question which I am seeking clarification.


Can someone please reply?