What Code do I need to Change my Twitter Javascript Html Widget/Tweets /fonts/Links from blue to Light pink for my website


Hi there
I Currently have a Twitter JAVASCRIPT not FLASH. Html Widget for my Website displaying just my Tweets.

But I want to change the Color of my Links from Blue to Light pink thats all.

I have another Twitter Account as this is for my Fashion Website it is @primpp101

Here is the Code I have for my Twitter Widget and shall attach here for you Dev, Can I please Stress that I really really need some sort of reply as I did ask about something similer a month ago and still had no Reply and if anyone else can Help More the Merrier! please feel free.
Cos Im alittle new to all this, can u specify Exactly were I put the Code in Lamen;s Terms.
Please respond to me either here on to jenna.dolaley@ymail.com

Thank you in Advance!


    did u get the code?


    the Code again as i does not seem to be appearing on the page ughh.

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