What are twitter cards?



I am was trying to calculate the engagement count for tweets. To calculate engagement count we also need card_count. What does cards mean actually in twitter terminology and how should I calculate that card count ?


Cards are the visual elements that display inside of Tweets. Broadly, there are two types of cards:

  1. Dev cards that are configured using markup inside web pages, and scraped by Twitterbot. These show up when a link to a page that contains the markup is shared in a Tweet.

  2. Ads cards that are configured via ads.twitter.com and that show up in promoted Tweets.

There is no card_count property shared in the standard API. I am not clear what this value would be for. The Engagements data is available in the Engagements API, and does not refer to cards.


Thanks for the reply. Can you please elaborate in detail … How can they display inside of tweets ?? Even know i didn’t get clear picture of twitter cards still confusion is there.


There’s an example Tweet with card image in the documentation. The element at the bottom of the Tweet with the image of the mountain is the card.