What are twitter application ? what they do?


What are twitter applications? what are they used for?
if i want to create to a third party application to tweet , do in need to create a twitter application or i can do it otherwise?
are twitter applications similar to those in facebook ???


To make an application which will be able to send a Tweet, you need to integrate with one of the Twitter APIs. Here’s a getting started document which will guide you through various options: https://dev.twitter.com/start


thanks Kurik
what i am trying to do is to obtain an OAuth Request Token to request user authorization.HTTP post request with header OAuth oauth_nonce="", oauth_callback="", oauth_signature_method="",oauth_timestamp="", oauth_consumer_key="",oauth_signature="", oauth_version="1.0"
now my question is what is the value for oauth consumer key , oauth signature , currently i am passing my consumer key and consumer secret resp and getting 401 unauthorized rexponse


Hi Hemant,

OAuth is a strict protocol that requires a whole process to calculate many of the values you’re asking about. Have you read our introduction to OAuth yet at [node:115]?


hey Taylor
thanks for the help i read the introduction earlier , and now m done with the problem where i was stuck , actually i was getting confused cause of the oauth_signature used during the Http post request for demanding request_token , i m using twitterizer api to do the same.
but i am still not able to do the same using HTTP post request and getting 401 unauthorized , if u can guide me i can share my code .


how can I log Out From Twitter app in android


Go to the settings–>select your profile–>Remove account–>Sign out :slight_smile:


thanks.,i’ll try it


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