What are the Tweet Limitations for the REST API?



I could only find information about Rate Limits. yet nothing about automation of tweets. is tweeter allowing my application to automate posts from users while being within the allowed rate limits? that is, without the need of the user to click submit for each tweet?


There are detailed rules in the support pages:

What aspect are you uncertain of? All Twitter accounts are subject to the same posting limits.


I am building a project for a transportation agency in the US and one of the requirements is to automate some informational tweets generated from background services. previous experience with similar functionality on Facebook led to some issues as they mostly require users to type in their content manually. I was wondering if twitter has the same limitations. based on your link it doesn’t seem that way as automation seem more acceptable.


I think the Automation Rules are clear. Be aware that repeatedly posting generated and repetitive content with or without user knowledge or acceptance is subject to antispam systems (hashtags, unsolicited @mentions and other activities are not welcome).

Users should always be enabled to Tweet their chosen content, subject to the automation rules. Please do autpmate “background Tweeting” from a user’s mobile device.