What are the steps to get credentials to use Streaming API because I need to get tweets of a list of accounts without rate limit?


My task is to get tweets of a list of twitter accounts and show them in my website without rate limit. Previously, I use REST API, it has rate limit. Streaming API is suitable for me.
Now the problem for me is to get request credentials. I’ve gotten a credential for my development environment, I’m not sure if I can use the credentials for enterprise production environment. If we can’t, how can I get credentials for enterprise production environment?

Let me show you how I get dev credential:

  1. I register on Twitter, then I’m also available in https://dev.twitter.com
  2. I create a new application and fill the fields which twitter asks.
  3. Twitter generates OAuth settings like consumer/ consumer secret and access token for me.
  4. I use these values into my program.

Is the correct steps to get twitter’s request credential?

Thank you very much!O(∩_∩)O~ Have a good afternoon!