What are the requirements to get GET statuses/user_timeline successfully in 1.1?


Ok, I get that Twitter API 1.0 is dying. Fine. Now, from what I’ve gathered, we have to create an app in order to pull statuses, etc? Just tell me what files, javascript, php, whatever, I need to call 1 status. That is it.


This request doesn’t work on it’s own, so what is required so I can use this same GET request with my username, and have it return something?

Do I need an APP? Do I verify and integrate the APP keys with PHP? Javascript? WHAT DO I NEED???

A working example goes miles beyond paragraphs of documentation. Literally… explain the process step by step. Put the HTML, the PHP, the JS, EVERYTHING that is required to just call 1 status on 1 timeline successfully using API 1.1. I think a lot of developers would appreciate it.


I’ve been grappling with this for a while as well. This is an absolute mess of a situation where Twitter is forcing authentication on various use-cases which never previously needed authentication, nor where authentication makes sense (e.g. displaying the latest tweets of the owner of a website).

https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/11564 - That page (specifically this comment: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/11564#comment-24949) seems to provide sufficient information for accomplishing what we want to do, though it’s ridiculous that the main documentation doesn’t make this at all clear.


I’ve tried that example with APP keys I have set up correctly. I’m not sure how that translates into a status, though, because it just returns an array for me.

Array ( [raw] => [code] => 0 [response] => [info] => Array ( [url] => https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=theheadrush [content_type] => [http_code] => 0 [header_size] => 0 [request_size] => 0 [filetime] => -1 [ssl_verify_result] => 0 [redirect_count] => 0 [total_time] => 0.098388 [namelookup_time] => 0.008362 [connect_time] => 0.098425 [pretransfer_time] => 0 [size_upload] => 0 [size_download] => 0 [speed_download] => 0 [speed_upload] => 0 [download_content_length] => -1 [upload_content_length] => -1 [starttransfer_time] => 0 [redirect_time] => 0 )

Am I missing something?